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Fatty acids

13 results
  1. OmeNutrics Borage/Bourrache

    OmeNutrics Borage/Bourrache

    Vegetable source of GLA
  2. Cassis 500

    Cassis 500

    Blackcurrant oil, rich in GLA and ALA
  3. Cod Live

    Cod Live

    Cod-liver oil: natural source of vitamin A and D
  4. DHA 200

    DHA 200

    Natural source of DHA, essential fatty acid from microalgae
  5. OmeNutrics Junior

    OmeNutrics Junior

    Good for heart and brain function and visual faculty
  6. OmeNutrics liquid

    OmeNutrics liquid

    Good for heart and brain function
  7. Flax 1000

    Flax 1000

    Vegetable source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  8. Omega Super Plus

    Omega Super Plus

    Omega-3 and GLA
  9. Primrose 500

    Primrose 500

    Vegetable source of GLA
  10. OmeNutrics


    Good for heart and brain function
  11. DHA-Choline


  12. OptiResol


    Rich in SPM: natural metabolites of EPA and DHA

13 results